Portland Rising Presents: Night-in At The Movies film discussion!

JWJ’s Portland Rising Committee is doing something different for our January film night. In the past we gathered on zoom to watch and discuss a film on the same night. This time, because our film, Pride, is longer than our usual fare, we are asking people to watch the film on their own when convenient and then join us on Friday, January 27, at 7 pm to discuss it.  

The film can be seen on several streaming platforms–including on Amazon (free for Prime members) and YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and Vudu—for under $3.  So, watch the film, and then join us on zoom on January 27, at 7 pm, for a fun and thoughtful conversation.

You can get the zoom link by emailing: portlandrisingprograms@gmail.com.

Pride is a 2014 British comedy-drama based closely on a true story. The film takes place during Margaret Thatcher’s neo-liberal rule over British society and is about a group of lesbian and gay activists who raise money to help struggling mining families during the national miners’ strike of 1984. This heart-warming and heart-breaking story has much to teach about the challenges and rewards of building community solidarity. Here is the short trailer for the film—well worth a watch.

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