This Holiday Season, Make a Difference for Seafarers who come through our Ports!

The Pacific Coast Coalition for Seafarers is a campaign close to our heart, their work changes lives every day!

Since 2020, the Coalition has mobilized community and labor to uphold the dignity, rights, and wellbeing of seafarers – through generating resources and fostering solidarity. We call on JWJ members and organizations to come through this holiday season for migrant seafarers that pass through the port of Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA!

This holiday season the Coalition is hoping to raise $2000 and prepare holiday care packages for 250 seafarers that will be passing by Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. They are seeking donations of the following items or monetary donations: toiletries, snacks, warm clothing, for $10 you can sponsor a seafarer, for $250 you can “Adopt a Ship.” This amount will ensure each seafarer on one ship will receive a care package filled with the supplies listed above. The Coalition will be sure to send you photos after the ship visit to share the joy you brought to the seafarers with your generous donation!

For information on how to donate, or if your org would like a presentation on the seafarers struggle, email Donate by Paypal:

More about the Coalition:

Since the Coalition’s launching in June 2020, participants have visited ships to deliver care packages and learned more from the seafarers themselves about their conditions. On top of the dangerous and exploitative conditions seafarers face, being away from their families back home can have severe mental and emotional impacts especially during the holiday season when families are all coming together to celebrate. It is in this regard that we are committed to supporting seafarers in any way we can to show them that there are people who care about them even being away from their loved ones.

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