16thFLBYou are invited to gather with workers and local faith leaders as we break bread and share powerful stories, celebrate victories, and grow in our confidence to support justice and dignity for all workers. Join us in reclaiming moral power!

Our 16th Annual Faith Labor Breakfast, “Reclaiming Moral Power,” will be held on
Tuesday February 20th, 7:15-9am at St Andrew Catholic Church, 806 NE Alberta St.

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Portland Jobs with Justice — A Labor-Community Organizing Hub!

Our mission

Art by Ricardo Levins Morales

Portland Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor, faith, community, and student organizations taking action for workers’ rights and for economic, racial, and gender justice.

We prioritize the leadership, voices, and vision of individuals and communities that have been historically marginalized and oppressed and work together to build the better world that we all need and want.

What’s up for 2018?

  • Movement and Power Building to advance a moral voice against poverty and white supremacy in our community.

  • Engaging unions and employers to develop and implement initiatives to effectively address issues of equity and inclusion in our community.

  • Developing a campaign that unites both organized and unorganized workforces—particularly youth, people of color, and LGBTQ workers—to bring forward new types of worker organization with leadership from marginalized communities.

  • Engaging in local, national, and international solidarity, strategic mobilizations, and direct action around an array of intersecting issues.

  • We are in the process of working with our committees to finalize these new strategic priorities, and will update them accordingly.

What We Accomplished in 2017!

Art by Rini Templeton

Labor and Community Solidarity! With your support, we organized a successful Workers’ Rights Board hearing on the exploitation of non-union immigrant carpenters on city funded projects, which helped lead to the Community Benefits Agreement on city funded development projects. We mobilized support for new organizing campaigns with New Seasons Workers United, organizing with UFCW Local 555, and Burgerville Workers’ Union. And we connected workers, community, and faith leaders on dynamic contract campaigns at Legacy Emanuel, AT&T Mobility, Portland teachers, City workers, New System laundry, and more!

Racial Justice in Labor! JWJ bottomlined a new Umoja Kijana Shujaa training cohort for local black youth with trainings on Black Lives Matter, union organizing, occupation health, and safety, gender justice, and immigration. We also worked with our partners to successfully advance equity in hiring and help eliminate wage theft at the city and county level.

Fair Scheduling and Tenant Rights! We played a key partner role in the Fair Work Week Coalition, which won the first ever statewide law requiring fair scheduling for workers at large retail corporations. Our work mobilizing for tenant rights helped win a citywide ordinance guaranteeing relocation assistance funds from landlords who issue no cause evictions and exorbitant rent hikes, and also advanced statewide tenant rights legislation in Salem.

Movement Building Through Strategic Workers Rights and Leadership Development Training! In addition to the Umoja Kijana Shujaa youth leadership program, we also led Occupational Safety and Health and workers’ rights trainings for dozens of workers of color in 2017.

Taking Action Against The Trump Agenda! Our Solidarity Squad trained 75 people in community defense, de-escalation, and interrupting hate in public spaces. Throughout the year the Solidarity Squad was called on to provide safety teams for 18 actions and events led by and for marginalized communities under increasing attack by the new administration.

Click here to view our full 2017 Annual Report including year-end financials.