Thanks to everyone who made our 2017 Annual Dinner such an amazing night!


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We would like to give special thanks to all of our 2017 Annual Dinner Sponsors

Solidarity Sponsors

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Vital Voice Sponsors

Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. American Federation of Musicians Local 99, Northwest Oregon Labor Council, Community Alliance of Tenants, Albies & Stark , LLC, American Solidarity Party, Jean Eilers & Robert Byrne, Marty & Sylvia Hart-Landsberg, Mary King &Cliff Lehman, Will Layng & Remy Arguello, Bob Gross & Alice Muccio, Diane Rosenbaum, Barbara Dudley, Semir Said, Leela Coleman, Pam Phan, David Wheeler, Judith Lienhard, Robert Camarillo, Jamie Partridge, Joe Rastatter, Deborah Hall, Nancy Eichsteadt, Maureen Crawford, Justin Norton-Kertson

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Portland Jobs with Justice — small & mighty!

Our mission

Art by Ricardo Levins Morales

Portland Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor, faith, community, and student organizations taking action for workers rights and economic justice through an intersectional, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights lens.

We prioritize the leadership, voices, and vision of individuals and communities that have been historically marginalized and oppressed and work together to build the better world that we all need and want.

What’s up for 2017?

  • Campaigns that support Racial Justice in Labor!
  • Fair Scheduling and Tenants Rights in the Oregon Legislature!
  • Workers Rights Leadership Development and Training!
  • Join the Portland Jobs with Justice Solidarity Squad to protect our most vulnerable community members from hate crimes and other abuses!
  • Labor and community solidarity! (forever!)

What happened in 2016? Here’s our Annual Report to you!

Art by Rini Templeton

Taking Action! With your support, we hosted and co-sponsored over 80 actions, delegations, rallies, pickets, marches, film showings, trainings – and even a concert! – in support of workers rights at work, workers’ health and safety, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, Stop the TPP, and a host of other issues.

Winning  the Fight for $15 in Portland Metro! Under a newly passed state law, over the next 5 years the minimum wage will increase to $15/hr by 2023 in the 26 Portland Metro Area cities. In 2016, our Portland Area Campaign for $15 won $15 even faster for over 20,000 Portland area workers through new organizing and contract bargaining campaigns, and through working to come to agreements with progressive non-profits and small businesses!

Divesting from private prisons! Under the leadership of our partners at enlace, the City of Portland voted to divest from banks that fund private prisons and detention centers, like Wells Fargo, and the machines that build them, like Caterpillar!

Stopped the TPP! With Oregon Fair Trade Coalition, Portland Jobs with Justice played a leading role in stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership from passing. This free trade agreement could have increased workers rights violations, environmental destruction, anti-LGBTQ violence and other human rights violations in the

Expanding the coalition! Portland Jobs with Justice is proud to have over 120 organizations from faith, labor, community, and student backgrounds as part of our coalition.

Click here to see our top-line year-end financials for 2016.