Babatunde.jpgBabatunde Azubuike
Campaign Organizer
Direct Office Line: Direct Office Line: 971-242-8704
Pronouns: She/Hers, He/His, Ze/Hir

Babatunde is a passionate Southern activist who is from Athens, GA and has been organizing in Atlanta for the past five years. Working to improve the lives of fellow black folks,  people of color, queers, and youth, Tunde has been building with organizations including SNaPCo, JustUsATL, Georgia Equality, GSA Network, Freedom for All Americans and the Fight for $15 movement. Dedicated and driven, ze boasts years of experience working in many intersectional communities developing leadership and building solidarity.  

Despite previously being fired for coming out on the job, Tunde has since used the experience as a catalyst to help create safe spaces for LGBTQ youth. Feeling called to invest more and more in the collective liberation for humanity, she has worked on many campaigns to push for protections for LGBTQ folks as well as educating folks on trans issues. Hir most recent campaign was with Fight for $15 demanding a livable wage and access to a union. Tunde believes that organized labor is one our best tools to dismantle the system in the fight for justice.

He is an alumni from The Task Force’s Transgender Leadership Exchange and currently a part of the 2016-2017 LGBT-University cohort with Freedom for All Americans.  In hir free time Tunde loves to cook, dance, garden and workout. Tunde lives SE Portland with her partner and cat.

D Pei Wu, PhDDiana Wu_event
Executive Director
Direct Office Line: 971-242-8705
Pronouns: D; they/them/theirs

D Pei Wu was born in New York City and grew up in a small Chinese community in adjacent Fairfield County. In addition to participating in the civil disobedience mass mobilizations of WTO civil society protests in Seattle (1999) and Hong Kong (2005), D’s first arrest was supporting hotel workers fighting for a living wage in Emeryville, CA.

D has co-authored several reports on youth organizing in environmental justice and played key roles in media & communications with delegations of youth, indigenous peoples, and women in international climate change treaty conventions. Their favorite campaigns have included fighting the evictions of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrant and refugee tenants in Oakland, CA; developing data books on environmental quality and community-stabilizing development with Filipino, Black, Asian, and Latino communities in San Francisco and West Oakland; and preventing the detention and deportation of local undocumented people. D’s dissertation examined the role of cultural organizing and healing in movements for transformative social justice.

D is on the Board of the Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans and the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund for scholar-activist-organizers and a proud associate member of their union, the American Association of University Professors. D lives with three dogs and roommates in a cute old house in southeast Portland, and speaks English, Spanish, passable Mandarin, and dwindling French and Portuguese.

Justin Norton-Kertsonjustin
Solidarity Organizer
Direct Office Line: 971-242-8702
Pronouns: he/him/his, they/them/theirs

Born in San Diego, California, Justin grew up on the US-Mexico border in a very diverse environment, which created a strong sense of diversity and international solidarity that has become a guiding value of his work.

Justin attended the University of California, Irvine where he became active in organizing around environmental and consumer rights issues, as well houseless issues after a one than year stint of living houseless himself. It was also at UCI where Justin got his first taste of labor organizing by heading up undergraduate outreach efforts during the UC grad students successful unionization campaign in the late 1990s. He earned a degree in history from UCI in 2003, and went on to earn a social studies teaching credential at Cal State Fullerton.

Job losses and uncertain economic conditions during the “Great Recession” brought Justin and his family to Portland in 2009. In February of 2015 Justin co-founded and became the lead organizer of 15 Now PDX, and he was the campaign manager for the Oregonians for 15 ballot measure effort. Prior to accepting the Solidarity Organizer position at JwJ, he worked as a community organizer for UFCW Local 555.

Executive Board

  1. Amanda Aguilar Shank, Enlace: Global Justice Chair
  2. Amanda Hill, OFNHP: Fundraising Chair
  3. Babatunde Azubuike, JwJ Campaign Organizer
  4. Beth Kerwin, Health Care Committee Chair
  5. Deborah Hall, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists: Outreach Chair
  6. D Pei Wu, JwJ Executive Director
  7. Eliana Machuca: Immigrant Rights Chair
  8. Grant Swanson, AFSCME Local 88 & Right 2 Dream Too: Co-Chair
  9. Ibrahim Bilal Mubarak, Right 2 Survive: Co-Chair
  10. Joe Rastatter, Faith Labor Chair
  11. Justin Norton-Kerston, JwJ Solidarity Organizer: Secretary
  12. Katrina Holland, Community Alliance of Tenants: Membership Chair
  13. Martin Hart-Landsberg: Portland Rising Chair
  14. Pam Phan, Community Alliance of Tenants: Finance Chair
  15. Robert Camarillo Ironworkers NW: Media Chair
  16. Romeo Sosa, Voz Worker Rights Education Project: Co-Chair
  17. Tiffany Thompson, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc: Co-Chair
  18. Chris Marquez, SEIU Local 503: Personnel Chair
  19. Zev Nicholson, AFSCME Council 75: Rules Chair

Our Funders

In addition to our coalition member organizations and individual donors, our funders include: