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Welcome to the Global Justice Committee page!

Portland Jobs with Justice has long history of international solidarity work. Recently, committee members have supported efforts to Pass the Philippines Human Rights Act (PHRA), have been involved in organizing May Day 2022 mobilization with a focus on migrant rights and international solidarity, and have mobilized at consulates, the Portland WTO, and joined webinars, actions, and sign-on letters initiated by Trade Justice Ed Fund to unblock global access to vaccines.


Our efforts have been recently anchored by Trade Justice Education Fund. The community came together to contribute to a Valentines installation to honor all whom we have lost, JWJ co-sponsored a Teach-in to End the Pandemic Now, and to mark the third year of pandemic, joined a Global Day of Action Die-In (photos to the left) which was covered by the New York Times!


 To join the weekly Wed hub meetings organizing around global vaccine justice, please click here!

Recently, we took part in Trade Justice Ed Fund’s Vaccine Waiver Proposal Briefing to learn the latest about a leaked text of WTO proposals. The text revealed that the European Union is trying to strongarm the world into accepting a bogus WTO proposal that would undermine the global fight against COVID-19. The U.S. must reject this proposal and keep working for a comprehensive TRIPS waiver! The proposal would fail to expand access to COVID vaccines, tests and treatments and is decidedly NOT the TRIPs waiver activists and over 100 nations have been demanding for over a year now, and which the Biden Administration promised to support! The WTO Ministerial is June 12th, let’s keep pushing and fighting for a true TRIPS waiver! Take Action to Tell Congress: No Compromise on the Fight Against COVID-19!

Monthly Picket and Car Caravan to End the Blockade of Cuba
JWJ’s Global Justice Committee has also long mobilized for improved relations and US cooperation with Cuba. We are currently supporting the monthly picket and car caravan to End the Blockade of Cuba, organized by the Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Committee!

Join the fifth protest Sunday, May 29!
12 Noon Couch Park (NW 19/Glisan)
we will later car caravan along NW 23rd
(deck your cars with posters, flags)
Contact John Waller for more information:
Portland has recently joined the movement begun by Cuban Americans in Miami and Seattle who have organized monthly pickets and car caravans on the last Sunday of every month. The monthly protests, now spread to 20 cities in the US, 7 in Canada, and many more worldwide, protest how the 60-year-old U.S. economic blockade of Cuba is damaging families in Cuba. United, we call for the building of “Bridges of Love” between the U.S and Cuba.

TO HELP PLAN AND PARTICIPATE IN FUTURE GLOBAL JUSTICE ACTIONS, JOIN OUR COMMITTEE! For more information and to join our next meeting, email Committee liaison

To contact the JwJ Global Justice Committee, please fill out and submit this short form:

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