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Welcome to the Global Justice Committee page!

Global Justice Committee anchors JWJ’s mission to foster international solidarity, and works to organize solidarity support for workers rights and the efforts of trade unions across borders. Since the intensification of globalization in the 1990s, the committee has responded to mobilize for workers’- and- the public’s voice in trade deals, including opposition to NAFTA, TPP,  USMCA. We resist a neoliberal model of globalization which is imposed from above through corporate trade deals and foreign policy. We uplift workers rights and the right to form associations to improve wage and working conditions as one of the many human rights enshrined in the ILO and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We call for an alternate vision to the centering of production and profit, and for fair trade deals which respect workers and environmental rights. We call for economic change and demilitarization as solutions to global social challenges and inequities.

For the better part of two years, we’ve organized with Trade Justice Education Fund (TJEF) urging US leadership at the WTO to pass a comprehensive TRIPS waiver. In the wake of WTO failures, we joined TJEF to hear updates on the global test and treatments campaign on how low and middle income countries are pushing back. ICYMI, check out the recording!

Take Action: The Biden administration will be making crucial decisions this fall that will influence whether the billions of people who currently lack access COVID tests and treatments get a fair shot at life. Join us in urging the president to side with people over pharmaceutical monopolies by sending a letter to the White House!

big tech digital tradeThe Committee also encourages you to take action for transparency in the new trade pact, Indo Pacific Economic Framework, which will govern nearly 40% of the global economy.

Write your member of Congress asking them to make sure IPEF prioritizes the interests of working people, consumers & the environment over corporate profits!
Join this 3-part series on how labor, reproductive rights, and racial justice may be impacted by the #IPEF.

lakad_bayanihanThe Committee continues to uplift solidarity efforts to support migrant seafarers, human rights in the Philippines, and to End the Blockade of Cuba! On Saturday, September 10, the committee mobilized for a 5K to support the Lakad for Bayanihan, a fundraiser for health related projects and initiatives in the Philippines to support the launching of the Filipino Bayanihan Center’s Clinic.

The community turnout was remarkable especially given the sepia sky. We were proud to support it alongside many community organizations which deserve your support, including Foundation for Philippine Progress (FPP), Filipino Bayanihan Center, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), Gabriela Portland, Malaya Portland, Migrante Portland, Kabataan Alliance
Ka ‘Aha Lahui O ‘Olekona Hawaiian Civic Club (KALO), People Organizing for Philippine Solidarity (POPS), Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) and others! ✊🏾

The photo above captured a solidarity greeting during the most recent education and volunteer day hosted by Oregon Nurses Association, PCHRP, Malaya Movement, and JWJ to assemble care packages for seafarers served by Pacific Coast Coalition for Seafarers. If your organization would like to put together a volunteer day or support seafarers by other means, get in touch with

Are you interested in engaging global campaigns? We are recruiting new members to help plan or participate in future Global Justice Committee actions. For more information, email Committee liaison

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