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Climate Jobs LogoClimate Jobs PDX is a project of Portland Jobs with Justice that works to be part of the solution to the climate crisis through a focus on jobs that help create and provide a just transition away from fossil fuels in a way that particularly benefits those POC, immigrant, low income, and indigenous communities that have been most affected the climate crisis and its causes.

The Climate Jobs PDX project has played important roles campaigns such as winning the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Recently at the Climate Strike event in Portland, Climate Jobs PDX hosted workshops on the effects of climate crisis on workers, job creation to combat the crisis, and union supported just transition legislation.

The climate crisis demands that:
We stop fighting each other.
We stop selfish consumption.
We meet everyone’s needs. housing, healthcare,
education, food, child and elder care, transportation etc.

The crisis demands that we mobilize to address it modeled on the farsighted jobs program of the New Deal and the remarkable mobilization of our resources and workforce in World War Two. We will have to break the power of the corporations!


The next Climate Jobs PDX meeting is Wednesday April 15th from 6:30-8pm.

Click Here to send an email to the Climate Jobs chairperson to join the email list and for information on how to join the virtual meeting.

To contact the Climate Jobs PDX project, please fill out and submit this short form:


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