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Join us on Wednesday, January 10th for our first meeting of 2018, at 6:30 pm in the Jobs with Justice basement conference room (1500 NE Irving St.)

PDXRisingimageAt our first meeting of 2018, Portland Rising will show three short videos that highlight strategic decisions made by working people and their unions. They are part of a series on US labor history, Golden Lands, Working Hands, made for the California Federation of Teachers.

The series highlights “the choices made by working people in the creation of their own organizations, and the consequences of these choices for improvement of working people’s lives.”

The three videos cover: the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment among working people in the late 19thcentury and its destructive consequences for workers; the 1946 Oakland general strike and the labor movement’s turn towards electoral politics; and the battle to legalize public sector unions in the 1960s and 1970s.

After each video, we will have a discussion of lessons for workers today.

 Portland Rising History and Mission Statement

Portland Rising began as a project of Jobs with Justice and made its debut on April 16th, 2011 with a huge rally joining a variety of union and community campaigns under the broad theme of Good Jobs, No Cuts.  In the following months, Jobs with Justice, unions, community groups and activists continued to pull campaigns together in a number of large and energetic Portland Rising actions, including two bus tours.  We built a new level of solidarity from planning campaigns and actions together under the banner of Good Jobs, No Cuts.

portland rising march

In September 2012, we brought labor and community leaders together for a frank conversation about the trends that systematically affect all of us: the decline in real wages, unacceptably high unemployment, a growing precariousness in work relations, the privatization of and cuts to services, and the globalization of production.  We agreed that corporations have benefited from these trends and that our political leaders have generally promoted policies that have encouraged them.

We also agreed that conditions will continue to worsen for growing numbers of Americans unless we were able to articulate and build support for a positive vision of change.  That conversation produced consensus around a starting point that included the following interrelated demands: good jobs for all, a strong and accountable public sector serving human needs, and healthy cities and communities.

To advance these demands, Portland Rising formed as an ongoing committee of Jobs with Justice with the aim of joining with representatives and activists from unions, community groups and others, in a process of strategic campaign planning, action, reflection, and education. More specifically, we seek to engage with as well as promote campaigns that:

  • stakeholders actively participate in,
  • help us to develop deeper understandings of the economy and political system, and
  • allow us to lift up the larger demands of good jobs for all, a strong and accountable public sector serving human needs, and healthy cities and communities.

We welcome your involvement and support.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm in the Training Room, which is in the basement of the building housing the Portland Jobs with Justice office, 1500 NE Irving Street.

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