Working: A Photo Series

Portland Rising, a committee of Portland Jobs with Justice, is calling on working people from all walks of life and all workplaces to submit photos of yourself at work!

FB_IMG_1585852120748Everyone who works has a workplace and work “tools.” Your own workplace is a familiar site, but often hidden to anyone but your coworkers or yourself.  Portland Rising wants to turn what might be a solitary experience – what it’s like at your workplace – into a collective one.

Beginning in April 2020 and ongoing, Portland Rising is collecting working people’s photos of their work, in a workplace setting. We also want to include your thoughts on what’s in the photo — maybe what’s happening in the picture; how you came to do that kind of work; what you think about the work; what you want others to know about your work.

Photos will be curated and those chosen for viewing will be posted here on the Portland Jobs with Justice’s website.  As the collection builds, we hope to develop it into other forms of public display.

Submit your photos here.  Photos taken with a smartphone will generally be fine.
Please share this announcement with anyone you think would want to contribute!

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