Eviction Representation for All Will Protect Working People and Families: YES on Measure 26-238 in May!

What’s Eviction Representation for All?

Eviction Representation for All is the ballot measure campaign that will establish free and universal legal representation for tenants in Multnomah County eviction court.

We need ERA because everyone deserves a fair shot in court—not just those who can afford a lawyer.

Why would someone need a lawyer in eviction court?

Without an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, tenants are vulnerable to procedural tricks, abusive conduct, predatory contracts, and intimidation in court. In 2019 and 2020, landlords were 10-15 times more likely than tenants to have a lawyer in Multnomah County. Evictions in Multnomah County mirror eviction trends across the United States – they disproportionately harm Black, Indigenous, Latine tenants and tenants of color, households that are women led, and families with children, tenants with disabilities, and queer and trans renters.

Tenants with lawyers are more likely to stay in their homes. In New York City, 84% of tenants with representation were able to stay in their homes. In Cleveland, 93%!

Eviction right to counsel exists in over 25 localities around the country including San Francisco, Seattle (and the State of Washington), Baltimore, NYC, Minneapolis, Kansas City and many more. Check out National Coalition for Civil Right to Counsel’s map of other places with eviction right to counsel. Vote YES on 26-238 by May 16 so Portland can get it, too!

Measure 26-238 is part of a growing movement to keep people housed amidst this County’s housing crisis! Evictions are a catalyst for economic distress that can last for years. According to new research from the Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin–Madison, “During periods of post-eviction homelessness or housing instability, employment and earnings also declined significantly.” Programs like Eviction Representation for All are a proven means of reducing all of the harmful impacts of evictions. Let’s make eviction rare and fair!

ERA is proudly endorsed by more than 60 local housing, labor, faith, legal, and community-based organizations, and leaders in the community including Portland Jobs with Justice and the many members of JWJ’s coalition dedicated to a fair economy for all workers! See the full list of endorsers here!

Help get the word out about Measure 26-238 so that together we can win for working people!

We are door knocking this weekend (and every weekend) until May 16th to talk to voters across the County!

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