JwJ Supports Farmworker Overtime!

by Alma Raya, JwJ Executive Board Member

Excluding farmworkers from overtime pay is racist and it should be illegal! Farmworkers have been excluded from minimum wage protections and overtime pay through the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 for too long. 

Farmworkers already have challenging lives and are among the most vulnerable workers in our community. The vast majority migrated to this country risking their lives in the search for better work opportunities, leaving their homeland, culture and families behind. Despite the long hours of work, exposure to dangerous pesticides and harsh weather conditions, farmworkers struggle to make ends meet earning on average between $17,500 to $19,999 a year.

Throughout the pandemic, catastrophic fires and dangerous levels of air quality, farmworkers continued to work and make sure we have food available. It is our turn to stand together as a community and put an end to the racist exclusion that creates economic insecurity for farm workers and their families. 

There are over 86,240 farmworkers in Oregon that need our help. They are our friends, our neighbors, our community.

Tell lawmakers we must pay farmworkers for every hour they work!

Allies and community members, write testimony in support of Farmworker overtime. The bill is scheduled for a hearing 5:30 Tuesday, and your testimony is needed ASAP (by Wednesday 2/9 at 5pm) Please select “neutral” on your submission.

The link to submit your written testimony is now available: You can submit here

Helpful testimony template here!

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