JwJ Mobilizes for Trade Justice to Vaccinate the World!

Recently, JwJ, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, and the community mobilized to Senator Ron Wyden’s office at the eastside federal complex, with a message: The Portland community is demanding Global Vaccine Access Now! 💉🌍  Lives are on the line and the U.S. government must do more to open up vaccine intellectual property and invest in manufacturing capacity around the world. The banner symbolizes that the U.S. is speeding down the COVID-19 highway and the exit plan involves trade justice: US leadership must push the TRIPS Waiver through the WTO! 💉💉🌍

More must be done on this issue, and it starts with voices of courage and clarity telling our U.S. negotiators to get real about saving lives and finding the exit from this pandemic. We need the U.S. administration to stop allowing pharmaceutical monopolies to limit the amount of COVID vaccines and treatments being made worldwide. Click Here to Take Action Now!

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