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The Solidarity Calendar is a monthly notification of actions and events approved by our Steering Committee. Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30pm in our office conference room at 1500 NE Irving Street, Suite 585 Portland, Oregon 97232.

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June 17, 2015: Day of Action

Current Solidarity Calendar

June 2018

The following events, actions, and campaigns were endorsed and approved by our Steering Committee meeting. Come out and show up for other people’s struggles!

Support Laborers’ Local 483 Metro Zoo & Parks Equity Proposals

​Please join Laborers’ Local 483​ in our call to reduce inequality for people of color and women employed at Metro Zoo & Parks. In the bargaining process, we have proposed living wages, a consistent healthcare stipend, and more opportunities for permanent employment. These measures will narrow existing wage gaps and work to advance Metro’s own equity goals. We believe these efforts will not only enrich Metro’s workforce, but the Portland community as a whole.

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Pitch a Tent 2018

At SW 4th & Washington from 10:30am Friday June 8 until 10:30am on Saturday June 9, with main events beginning Friday evening. Everybody is welcome to camp!

Pitch A Tent is an annual direct action event produced by Right 2 Survive that celebrates the resiliency of the houseless community while highlighting the hypocrisy of the city that allows housed people to camp for the Rose Parade while conducting sweeps of houseless camps.

Through music, speakers, fun and free food, Pitch A Tent is an opportunity to hear from the houseless community themselves and their efforts to make a better Portland for everyone.

Houseless and housed alike are welcome to help us send this clear message to the city: sweeping houseless people while promoting housed people to camp for the Rose Parade is hypocritical and dangerous.

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Everybody’s Got the Right To Live: Education, Living Wages, Jobs, Income, Housing​​
​Join the Oregon Poor People’s Campaign​ at the capitol building in Salem this coming Monday June 11 at 11am for their fifth week of nonviolent moral direct action. This week’s action is focused on labor and good jobs, education, and housing.

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is undertaking 40 Days of Action to launch a massive movement to confront the evils of poverty, racism, militarism, and ecological devastation. Every week for six weeks all kinds of people across the country will congregate at their state capitals to raise awareness about the unique and common ways they are affected by the evils. Some will participate in civil disobedience to withdraw their consent from a status quo that doesn’t prioritize the basic rights and needs of humans.​

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When Women Have a Union: Fighting for Equality and Power in the Workplace and Community

Portland Rising​, a JwJ committee, invites you to a presentation and discussion, When Women Have a Union: Fighting for Equality and Power in the Workplace and Community.

Wednesday June 13
1500 NE Irving St.

Since the election of Trump, there has been an explosion of women’s organizing, highlighted by the “Me Too” movement. And in recent years the power of women’s organizing has also been felt in workplaces, as teachers, nurses, hotel workers, domestic workers, fast food workers and others, have organized and fought for better wages and working conditions, and increasingly, expanded social services and new progressive taxes as well. But the fight for women’s equality and power is far from over.

Come hear four women from our community talk about the challenges faced by women in the workplace and the effort of unions to respond to these challenges, as well as how unions and working women have historically influenced the broader women’s movement. We’ll also get a chance to think about and discuss what issues and struggles might well be next for women and their unions and how contemporary struggles by women in unions might welcome in a new “working class feminism.”

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2nd Annual Summer Solidarity Celebration!

In the spirit of community building and solidarity, you are invited to join JwJ for our
2nd Annual Summer Solidarity Celebration!

Saturday June 23
St. Andrew Catholic Church
807 NE Alberta St.

This celebration is a family-friendly event of community engagement with music, performances, games and activities for kids and adults, a 50/50 raffle, food and drink for sale, and more.

Ages 5 and under are free. $10 for kids ages 6-14, $20 for people ages 15 and older. All proceeds benefit the Portland Jobs with Justice Education Fund.
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Corporate Transparency Now

Help collect signatures for corporate transparency at North Portland Sunday Parkways on June 24th!

IP 25 requires that publicly traded corporations operating in Oregon reveal what they pay in state taxes and what tax breaks and loopholes they take advantage of. This is the same information that these corporations already report for their federal taxes. IP 25 sheds light on corporate taxes and paves the way for a fair tax policy that benefits Oregon families and schools while boosting our economy.

Do you agree that it’s time for corporate transparency in Oregon?
Click Here​ to sign up to help collect signatures on June 24th.
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Speak Out for Accessibility in Public Transit & Housing

​Do you experience barriers to accessing public transit and secure housing? Come share you story at the Speak Out for Accessibility on Monday June 25 from 6-8pm at SEIU Local 503. Hosted by JwJ​, ATU Local 757​, and Real Choice Initiative​.

On May 17, 2018 the Portland Area Workers’ Rights Board heard powerful testimony from both drivers and riders about labor and human rights violations in TriMet’s LIFT paratransit service. That hearing was attended by 100 activists, elders, people with disabilities, LIFT drivers, and other concerned and affected people. It became clear that the stories told during the hearing have only scratched the surface of dissatisfaction in the community over the atrocious conditions experienced by both drivers and riders of LIFT paratransit.

This speak out provides the community the opportunity to tell and hear more stories from affected people, and to come together with those fighting for both public transit and housing accessibility to form a broader movement for accessibility rights in the Portland Metro area. ​

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Drown Out Patriarchy!

​Join Socialist Alternative​ and the Democratic Socialists of America​ at Keller Fountain Park on June 25th at 6:30pm​ in protest against notorious misogynist Jordan Peterson, who will be spewing his hateful ideology at Keller Auditorium. Peterson is a Toronto-based professor infamous for his rejection of women’s and trans equality.

Peterson celebrates patriarchy as the “natural” order of society and wants us to revert to a time when women were subordinate to men and trans and non-binary gender identities were completely marginalized. Instead of going back to the gender norms of the 50s, we should be creating a world where everyone is respected and everyone has their basic needs met.

Let’s show the world that Portland has no place for bigotry in any of form, and that we will stand together to fight for equality and dignity for all!​

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