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The Solidarity Calendar is a monthly notification of actions and events approved at the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee Meeting is held on the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm in our office conference room at 1500 NE Irving Street, Suite 585 Portland, Oregon 97232.

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June 17, 2015: Day of Action

Current Solidarity Calendar

July 2017

The following events were endorsed by the Portland Jobs with Justice Steering Committee for the June 2017 Solidarity Calendar. How will you show up for other people’s struggles this month?

Workers’ Rights Board Hearing: Exploitation of Immigrant Carpenters

WRB_BannerImmigrant wood framers have been victims of rampant wage theft and exploitation in the midst of Portland’s construction boom. Over the past five years BOLI has received 148 prevailing-wage complaints and claims worth $1.12 million in Multnomah County alone. But workers are fighting back. They are organizing and demanding a raise to $27/hr on the principle that everyone deserves equal pay for equal work.

Tuesday July 27 from 6-8:30pm at St Charles Church, 5310 SE 42 Ave. Portland.

At JwJ we believe that an injury to one is an injury to all, and that showing up in solidarity and supporting each other’s struggles is vital to building a successful movements. With that in mind, we hope you will join us for this important hearing!

Free food, Spanish interpretation, and childcare will be available at the hearing. Email if you will need translation or childcare. Dinner starts at 6pm. Program starts at 6:30pm.

Click Here for more information.

Seize the Summer: A Picket for Fast Food Justice

BVWUBurgerville has consistently responded to organizing with retaliations against workers. But through continued escalation and ongoing workplace organizing, we will force Burgerville to come to the negotiating table! Workers demand an end to the poverty wages and inconsistent scheduling, health coverage for all workers, childcare, and that Burgerville stop collaborating with immigration authorities through policies like the e-verify system.

Come have some fun while standing in solidarity with the Burgerville Workers’ Union!

Meet at the Powell Blvd. MAX Station on by the Christmas tree sculpture on Friday July 14 at 5:30 to march to the Burgerville on SE 92nd and Powell.

Children are welcome, but free childcare will also be provided offsite. If you are interested in offsite childcare send an email to

Click Here for more information.

Defeat Trumpcare! Fight for Medicare for All!

TrumpcareTrumpcare is a savage attack on working people and the poor. If passed, it will deny tens of millions access to healthcare and represent one of the greatest transfers of wealth from the working class to the 1% in U.S. history through massive tax cuts for the super-rich and corporations.

Trumpcare can be defeated. We need a full mobilization of the opposition to Trumpcare through rallies, protests, and occupations of Republican Senators’ offices nationwide. But we need to not only fight back against Trump’s attacks on health care, we also need to fight for universal single-payer, Medicare for All healthcare.

1) Join Portland Socialist Alternative ​for a public meeting on defeating Trumpcare and fighting for Medicare for All, TODAY JULY 12 from 7-9pm at PSU, Smith Memorial Student Union Rm 329.

​2) March and Rally to Defeat Trumpcare! Fight for Medicare for All! this Saturday, July 15 at 12pm at Shemanski Park.

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DCTU Rally for Wages and Fairness

unnamedThe District Council of Trade Unions bargains jointly for well over 1,000 city workers in six local trades unions. Bargaining has been going very slowly, and their contract has now expired as of June 30th.

DCTU is proposing annual COLA plus 3 percent raises as well as additional selective increases for some of the lowest-paid classifications, and spot increases for classifications like electricians that are in particularly high demand.

Join us at Chapman Square on Wednesday, July 19th at 4:30pm for a rally in support of DCTU workers!

Come lift your voices in support of workers who need a raise!

Click Here for more information.


Rally to Save Our Jobs, Save Our Service!

PostalIt’s the US Postal Services 242nd birthday! Join Communities and Postal Workers United at the Main Post Office in downtown Portland on Wednesday July 26 at 5:30pm to celebrate the birthday of the US Postal Service! USPS is the most efficient postal service in the world and it doesn’t use any tax money to fund its operating costs!

But USPS has unfortunately been under vicious attack by the corporate forces of privatization, and so this celebration will also be a protest against massive job cuts (15,000+) of clerks and mail handlers, long lines, and mail delays. Defend door delivery and Save Our Downtown Postal Service! Featuring Ben Franklin, the first Postmaster General and birthday cake.

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Global Day of Action Against Nike

nikeNike boasts of empowering women, but its garment workers tell a different story.  Can you imagine the irony of sowing Equality on a shirt for a brand which is complicit in the firing of pregnant women? Wage theft? Mass faintings? Union-busting? While Nike markets themselves as champions of women’s equality, the abuses behind their factory doors expose that the only thing they champion is their own bottom line.

In Honduras, Vietnam, Mexico and Guatemala, workers are outraged at Nike’s lack of accountability and lies. Instead of improving conditions, Nike is cutting and running from factories where their abuses have been reported, and where workers spoke up! Nike has repeatedly backed out on their commitments to re-instate dignified work on the factory floor.

But across the country, around the world, and especially at Nike’s home base here in the Portland area we’re pushing back! With massive contract cuts at major universities, the momentum against Nike is stronger than ever.  It’s time to take the fight from our campuses to the streets. Until Nike just does the right thing, no more business as usual!

Join Students United Against Sweatshops, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee, Portland JwJ, and more on July 29 at the Nike store in downtown Portland to demand dignity for Nike’s factory workers around the world! More details will be announced soon.

Medicare Birthday Celebration!

CakeOur healthcare is under attack by the Trump administration and if successful, tens of millions will lost their healthcare benefits and we could see a return to the deadly practice of allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions.”

Medicare is a hugely successful system that provides healthcare access for over 55 million Americans. It is also a government run system that provides an excellent model for how we can implement universal, single payer healthcare here in the United States.

Join us on Sunday July 30 to celebrate the birthday of Medicare and to build a movement for Medicare for All!

Meet at North Park Blocks at 11am (corner of W Burnside and Park Ave)

March to Skidmore Fountain at 11:30. There will be birthday cake!

Sponsored by Portland Jobs with Justice Healthcare Committee and Health Care for All Oregon.

Click Here for more information.

Night Out for Safety and Liberation

unnamed (1)Night Out for Safety and Liberation is part of a national response coordinated by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights to the “Night Out” events, which are little more than pushes for heavier surveillance and policing of communities of color.

The Night Out for Safety and Liberation will create a safe, joyous space that is multi-racial and multi-sector, that centralizes pro-Blackness and counters white supremacist violence.

Our communities will come together to share food, music, and stories through a community speak out on police profiling and visions of safety for our communities from various and intersectional perspectives, and to celebrate our differences.

Endorsed by Enlace, Portland JwJ and the JwJ Umoja cohort, OPAL Environmental Justice, Community Alliance of Tenants, Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition, Black Lives Matter PDX, Asians 4 Black Lives, Anakbayan, Outside the Frame, Liberation Literacy, Critical Resistance PDX, SEIU 503, AFSCME SASS.

More information available upon registration. Click Here to register.


NAFTA Town Hall

DCTUIt is likely that Trump is going to try to make changes to NAFTA, which is a free trade agreement that has been disastrous for workers in both Mexico and the US.

The NAFTA politics — where do they stand? Who will be the winners of a NAFTA renegotiation?

Could it be labor and environment and community groups?  

Only if we show up.

Get answers to these questions, and join forces — for all the reasons that the NAFTA legacy cannot go on — to move us toward greater global justice in this unique 21st-century moment, by looking hard at a late-20th-century trade-policy paradigm.

This Oregon Fair Trade Campaign town hall will seek to educate the community on NAFTA and build a campaign to ensure that labor, the environment, and our communities are the winners in any NAFTA renegotiations. Thursday, August 10 at 7:30 pm at AFSCME Council 75: 6025 E. Burnside St., Portland, Oregon.

Click Here for more information.

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