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June 17, 2015: Day of Action

Current Solidarity Calendar

This Saturday is a important day to Keep Portland Housed!

Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Portland City Hall
1221 SW 4th Ave

Join us on the one year anniversary of the city’s declaration of a housing emergency to demand a REAL response with REAL impact to our housing crisis.

The kids have just started another school year, yet no-cause evictions and enormous rent increases continue to threaten their security and educational success. And the shorter days are a reminder that winter is around the corner …. will we let our lack of tenant protections continue to add our families, our sick, and our elderly to the growing homeless population this winter?

We have important momentum, House Speaker Tina Kotek

Together we can control the rent. But only if we do it together. WE NEED EVERYONE there to show our city that this is a problem we can ignore no longer. We won’t settle for any more excuses — but that goes for all of us too. YOU need to be there to show that renters aren’t just a special interest group — that we are Portland. And being able to have safe, stable, secure, healthy, affordable housing in the communities we built and mututally depend upon is good for everyone, good for the city, and vastly more important than an entitlement to profit.


We welcome two new coalition members to Portland Jobs with Justice

Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity (MAWE)

MAWE represents a historic partnership between the Carpenters, Operating Engineers, Building Trades, PreApprenticeship Programs and Community-Based Organizations. MAWE members have worked together for over a year to develop a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) that brings benefits to workers and community members, promotes the training and placement of women and people of color, and helps to grow the demand for minority and women-owned businesses. MAWE has a deeply held respect for community expertise, and community organizations have been equal partners in the creation of the CBA.

At the last minute, the City of Portland changed the date of the Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity’s presentation for City Council. A change like this, with very little notice, means that many working families won’t be able to show up for the presentation. In order to demonstrate that the community stands behind the Community Benefits Agreement, we going to hold a rally outside City Council at the previously scheduled time. We will also gather at the second time, to give the formal presentation the next day. If you are able, we need your support both days!

Rally outside City Hall
Wednesday September 21 9:45 am

City Council Presentation
Thursday September 22 2:00 pm

Columbia Basin Workers for Justice Coalition

The Columbia Basin Workers for Justice Coalition was created by the Bethlehem Construction, Inc. striking employees in Central Washington. On August 11, 2016 Three Bethlehem Construction employees working on a construction site in Quincy, WA decided to speak out against the abuse and mistreatment by the company, and walked out in protest when their demands were not met. The company has a large concrete precast manufacturing facility in Wasco, CA. and one in Cashmere, WA. The company has been in the industry since 1982 and is owned by Michael Addleman and his wife. BCI (Bethlehem) is a concrete precast prestressed specialty contractor with over 500 employees in California and Washington. One half of the company is dedicated to manufacturing precast concrete panels and the other half installs and erects the structures. They perform work in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California. Michael Addlemen likes to draw workers out of the agricultural labor market.

The workers were fed up with the lack of drinking water on the job, no safety training, threats of losing their jobs, racial discrimination, stagnant wages often times lower than the farm workers, and unaffordable healthcare. On that particular job the workers went over a month without a portable toilet. The day they walked out on strike, Bethlehem VP, Tom Pattison told the striking workers over the phone that if they did not return their jobs their employment would be in jeopardy.

Within one hour of going out on strike the VP visited the Quincy site to reassure all the employees that there would be work all year long and not worry. He also told them that the company would be promoting a few workers to supervision (Hispanic workers) and looking at wage increases for everyone.

The striking workers are now committed to working towards organizing the company to help improve the working conditions for workers. They want all employees there to work in a environment where they don’t have to hear racial slurs, earn a livable wage and have affordable health care, retirement benefits, and safety training. They are fed up with the poor working conditions BCI forces employees to work under. The three workers are Hispanic and live in the N. Central Washington area

Rally to Defend At-the-Door Mail Delivery
Thursday, September 29, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Main Post Office

715 NW Hoyt (Broadway)

Join us in a rally to defend and maintain At-the-Door mail delivery services and avoid privatization decline in services. Congress is a about to vote on elimination of at-the-door mail delivery, forcing residential & business customers to use “cluster boxes” down the block(s). Tens of thousand living wage, union letter carrier jobs would be lost. The frail, elderly, and disabled customers would suffer. Take action to protect jobs and maintain mail services!

Just Cause Evictions Campaign Launch
Rally & Hearing in Salem
Thursday, September 22 starting at 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.  

The Oregon State Capitol
900 Court St. NE, Salem

Join us in introducing the new #JustCauseBecause Just Cause Evictions Campaign Launch at our states capital and keep up the  fight for tenants rights. Help The Community Alliance of Tenants fight to win ‘just cause’ evictions and rent stabilization at the state level and launch this new chapter in the fight. For updates and more information visit the page.

Yes for Affordable Homes: Measure 26-179

We believe working parents and seniors should be able to afford housing, and still have enough money for groceries and necessities — but our community’s skyrocketing rents are making that impossible for too many. Portland currently has a shortage of about 24,000 affordable homes for families and seniors making less than $37,000 per year. Portland voters will have the chance to vote YES! for affordable housing by approving a historic bond measure. This bond funding would help fill the affordable housing gap, creating safe, affordable housing for thousands of people who live and work in communities. Lets stand together to ensure all individuals have a right to affordable housing. For more information visit here

Multnomah County Campaign Contribution Limit Finance Measure 26-184

This measure will place limits on campaign contributions/expenditures in Multnomah county election. The limit includes a ban on corporate contributions, limits of $500 for individuals and limits on “independent” expenditures. Vote Yes to end excessive campaign expenditures in Oregon!

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