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The Solidarity Calendar is a monthly notification of actions and events approved by our Steering Committee. Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30pm in our office conference room at 1500 NE Irving Street, Suite 585 Portland, Oregon 97232.

The Solidarity Calendar is available first Wednesday of the month. If you would like to receive a Solidarity Calendar via email join our mailing list!

June 17, 2015: Day of Action

Current Solidarity Calendar

October 2018

Below is the September 2018 Solidarity Calendar. How will you engage in movement building and show up in support of other people’s struggles this month?

Support Disarm PSU!

Following a grand jury decision not to indict the campus police officers who murdered Jason Washington, students at Portland State University have occupied the space around the campus safety office for over a week now to demand that:

1) PSU immediately disarm all its campus safety officers
2) PSU fires officers Shawn McKenzie and James Dewey, the officers who murdered Jason Washington
3) PSU creates a permanent memorial on for Jason Washington, and allow this process to be led by the Washington family.

Join students, faculty, JwJ, and other community members at the PSU board meeting tomorrow, October 4 at 8:30am at Lincoln Hall room 175 to help lift up these important demands!

Sheridan to NORCOR: Unshackle Oregon

Rural Oregonians, members of faith communities, immigrants and long-time residents of our state are marching together from Sheridan Federal Prison (FCI Sheridan) to the Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility (NORCOR) in The Dalles. Both FCI Sheridan and NORCOR–a regional jail–hold contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), renting beds to ICE in order to lock up immigrants and refugees seeking asylum.

We invite you to join us in Portland tomorrow, October 4, as part of a 7-day march to demand an end to the two ICE contracts in Oregon and to call for dismantling all systems of detention and deportation.

9:30am: Meet up with us at Elizabeth Caruthers Park and march a few blocks to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where we’ll make our message clear: end the contracts in NORCOR and Sheridan.

1pm: Meet up at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 1126 SW Park. Join rural and urban Oregonians as we come together and march to several locations along the water, throughout downtown, and across the bridge.

3:30pm: Rally and street event outside Congressional offices at Holladay Park in NE Portland.

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Election Forum: Let’s Bring It To Win It!

The Portland-Metro People’s Coalition presents Election 2018 Forum: Let’s Bring It To Win It!

We have lots of crucial ballot measures to consider in this year’s general election. Join PMPC and member organizations like Portland Jobs with Justice on Saturday October 6 from 4-6pm at the Rosewood Initiative to learn about the good, the bad, and how you can help get out the vote.

There will be canvassing materials, including lawn signs and voter guides. And yummy snacks!

Let’s BRING IT to this election by campaigning to PASS the Good and DEFEAT the Bad.

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U.S. Mail is Not for Sale

Join Portland Community & Postal Workers United for a rally to say NO to the sale of the US Postal Service to private corporations!

Monday, October 8 from 12-12:30pm at the offices of Rep. Earl Blumenauer & Sen. Ron Wyden​​.

The rally is part of a National Day of Action at congressional offices across the country that was called by all four postal labor unions and community allies.

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Iconic Portland Labor Struggles: Organizing at Powell’s & Burgerville

Worker struggles at Powell’s and Burgerville are iconic in large part because workers in both places boldly took on companies that hold themselves up to be among Portland’s most liberal establishments.

•What is it like to organize against anti-union employers who are “celebrated” for being progressive?
•How does one organize and run a worker-centered union campaign?
•What role can community pressure play in winning a good contract for workers?
•Can we generalize and learn from the experiences of these two key labor struggles?

Come out Wednesday October 10 from 7-9pm at SEIU Local 49 to hear workers from International Longshore Workers Union Local 5 (Powell’s Books) and the Burgerville Workers Union (Burgerville), as well as Jobs with Justice organizers discuss the two struggles, strikes, and victories. This event is hosted by Portland Rising, a committee of Jobs with Justice.

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From Honduras to Portland – Come Listen, Learn, & Take Action!

Journalist, artist, and documentary filmmaker, Jennifer Ávila is the Co-founder and Director of Contracorriente, a digital media platform. Join us to hear her presentation about the roots of migration and other struggles Central Americans face due to U.S. and Honduran policy.

Thursday October 18 from 7-8:30pm at Central Lutheran Church.

Her talk is titled, “The Silencing of Dissent: How Freedom of the Press is Threatened in Honduras.” All are welcome!

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2018 Collins Summit, Human Migration: Claiming Roots in an Uprooted World

​Registration is now open for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon​’s 2018 Collins Summit taking place on November 1st at Concordia University​.

This year’s summit will explore the causes, challenges and opportunities of human migration in an increasingly global society. Join a diverse group of refugees, immigrants, advocates and scholars to develop an informed and compassionate approach to human migration both within and across borders. The summit will include an afternoon seminar with a plenary and workshop sessions followed by an evening lecture by The Rev. Dr. David Vásquez-Levy, President of the Pacific School of Religion, and Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon Attorney General.

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Save the Date – 2018 Scrooge of the Year Party

Click Here
 and fill out the form on our website if your organization would like to nominate a bad boss, business, or other entity that is deserving of this no-so-coveted award.

Admission is $15 pre-sale, $20 at the door. Pre-sale admission tickets and votes will be available to purchase online at the JwJ website beginning November 5th.

Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Annual Conference​

The Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Annual Conference​ will be held in Portland May 3-5, 2019. This year’s conference theme is General Strike 1919-2019 – Radicalism, Repression, and Solidarity.

​2019 marks the 100th anniversary of a watershed year in American and Canadian labor history, especially in the West. The year was defined by the Seattle and Winnipeg General Strikes, the Centralia Massacre, and the wave of state sponsored repression of immigrant workers during the Palmer Raids. Reflecting on these events a century later encourages us to consider the significance of radicalism as well as ways that organized labor has both enforced and overcome racial and gendered barriers to solidarity.​

Call for Papers, Presentations and Performances​: The Pacific Northwest Labor History Association seeks presentations, performances, and papers that examine labor history of the past 100 years, especially related to: Labor Radicalism, Patriarchy and Feminism, Employer and State Repression, Racism, including White Supremacy, Immigrant Workers and Xenophobia.

We encourage proposals that illustrate how the events of 1919 demonstrate strategies and tactics of workers, employers, and the State, and how they are relevant to today’s labor struggles. Specific examples might include: Labor and Race, Women in the Labor Movement, Labor and trade policy in historical perspective, The open shop movement in history:  The American Plan to the Janus decision, Right Wing populism and the working class.

The PNLHA values intersectional approaches to working class history.  We especially encourage exhibits and performances of art and music that reflect working class culture and history, and non-traditional, popular education approaches.  Presentations should be addressed to a broad range of conference participants including academics, students, workers and community members.

Submit one-page proposals electronically, by January 7, to the Conference Program Committee Coordinator, Nikki Mandell:

Portland Jobs with Justice Committee Meetings

Portland Rising

Come out for our monthly Portland Rising committee meeting for a special event (see “Iconic Portland Labor Strggles” above). Portland Rising works with representatives and activists from unions, community groups and others to engage in a process of strategic campaign planning, action, reflection, and education.

Wednesday October 10 from 7-9pm at SEIU Local 49.

Healthcare Committee

Join us for our monthly Healthcare Committee meeting. The JwJ Healthcare Committee works to promote healthcare as a human right at the local, national and state level; to defend union health plans; and to fight for fair, equitable and comprehensive health care that covers everyone and is paid for with public funds.

This month’s meeting is on Tuesday October 16 from 5:30-7pm at the JwJ office.

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Faith Labor Committee

Our Faith Labor Committee‘s next meeting is Wednesday October 24 from 12-2pm at the JwJ office.

The Faith Labor Committee is made up of labor and faith activists and leaders who come together to build sustained relationships between the labor community, and individuals and congregations in the faith community. Based on these relationships, the committee works to develop and implement outreach strategies to facilitate the faith community showing up in support of the struggles of working people in our city.

Global Justice Committee

Come out for our next Global Justice Committee meeting Wednesday October 24 from 7-9pm at the JwJ office.

Portland Jobs with Justice has long history of global justice and international solidarity work ranging from organizing caravans to the 1999 WTO summit in Seattle and supporting striking GM in workers in Columbia, to mobilizing war resistance and exposing the lies of companies like Nike about their treatment of workers.

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