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The Solidarity Calendar is a monthly notification of actions and events approved at the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee Meeting is held on the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm in our office conference room at 1500 NE Irving Street, Suite 585 Portland, Oregon 97232.

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June 17, 2015: Day of Action

Current Solidarity Calendar

November 2017

The following events were endorsed by the Portland Jobs with Justice Steering Committee for the November 2017 Solidarity Calendar. How will you show up for other people’s struggles this month?

Customer Support for New Seasons Workers United

New Seasons workers are the ones that create and nourish the culture that customers have come to associate with the company. They are dedicated and contributing members of the community. They are parents, students, neighbors, friends and even customers. They make New Seasons the friendliest store in town in spite of their working conditions, not because of them.

The company they helped build has changed. Since it’s acquisition by the private equity firm Endeavour Capital, New Seasons has abandoned its values in pursuit of profit and expansion. Its progressive reputation is now little more than a clever marketing strategy. Workers at New Seasons now have no say in the direction the company is taking. They are losing opportunities and their rights by the day.

That is why New Seasons workers are organizing! Last Wednesday they held a press conference to announce their organization, New Seasons Workers United. NSWU spoke up together and invited the CEO to agree to talk in the next three weeks to negotiate over issues of dignity and respect, safety, ethical business practices, and equitable treatment and accountability.

Now the workers need your help and support! We need you and as many people as possible to fill out New Seasons online customer feedback survey to voice your support for the workers. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to New Seasons and buy something (don’t forget to tell the workers there that you support them!). Be sure to ask for a printed receipt.
  2. At the bottom of your receipt will be a customer feedback survey code and the website you need to go to leave your comment.
  3. Check the receipt, if there is no comment code, then ask how you can get one to leave a customer comment.
  4. Go to that website and enter the code
  5. Leave a comment that says something like, “I’m a longtime New Seasons customer and I support the workers who are organizing to help make the company a better place to work. As a customer who shares your company’s progressive values, I encourage and expect New Seasons to live up to those friendly values by sitting down to meet with the workers’ organization to discuss the issues they have, and by not retaliating against workers who are organizing. Thank you for doing the right thing!”

And finally, one other way to immediately help support workers is to go to the New Seasons Market Facebook and Twitter pages to leave comment voicing support for workers and telling management to sit down and negotiate with New Seasons Workers United!

Rally in Support of Laundry Workers

Workers at New System Laundry in NE Portland are in tough contract negotiations and need community support! This is a majority immigrant workforce (mostly Vietnamese and Chinese workers) who are fighting to keep their healthcare and for a fair wage increase.

Many workers have been there over 15 years and are expected to support their entire family on only $11.55/hr, barely above minimum wage.  The employer won’t increase wages and wants to more than double the cost of their healthcare from $105 a month to $213.

Come and show solidarity at a rally in support of laundry workers on November 9 at 2:30pm at 432 NE 10th Ave.

KATU/Sinclair Broadcast Town Hall

Workers at KATU have been working without a contract for two years now, and KATU was recently bought by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair Broadcast is a right wing media outlet that during the 2016 presidential election struck a deal with the Trump campaign to ensure widespread media coverage of Trump without all the tough questions of candidates and commentary that comes with real reporting.

Check out this recent Democracy Now! piece on Sinclair.

Come out on November 9, 2017 at 6:30pm to the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland for a town hall meeting to learn more about the KATU workers’ issues and what the purchase of KATU by Sinclair Broadcast Group means for Portland and the employees who do the work at KATU.

Musical Picket for Negotiations

Join the Burgerville Workers Union on a song-filled picket line! In the year and a half since going public the union has only gotten stronger, but corporate still refuses to negotiate. Come out in support of Burgerville workers and show the company what they’re up against until the day they start treating their workers with respect.

Meet at 5:00 on November 10th at the MLK Statue outside of the Oregon Convention Center before marching over to the Convention Center Burgerville at 5:30, where we’ll sing, dance, and shut them down!

Click Here for more information.

Fight Job Cuts at the VA this Veterans Day!

The VA is cutting jobs and that means fewer people to help all the military veterans with their many, complex, and often extremely serious medical conditions that have resulted from time in military service. VA employees with AFGE Local 2157 are fighting back to send the message that cuts to VA staffing harm veteran’s healthcare!

Join the AFGE Local 2157 VA workers paradecontingent! Meet on Saturday November 11 at 8:30am at NE 40th & NE Tillamook to join in and help spread the word and educate the public at the Veterans Day Parade on how they can help save jobs that veterans depend on for their healthcare needs!

If you can’t be there until a little later in the day, the VA workers will be holding a rally after the parade at the corner of NE 50th & Sandy from 12-1pm. Join us!

Interrupting Hate in Public Spaces Workshop

On Wednesday November 15th from 6-9pm the Portland Jobs with Justice Solidarity Squad will host an Interrupting Hate in Public Spaces workshop presented by Rabbi Debra Kolodny of Portland’s UnShul.
As tensions flare and incidents of public hate skyrocket, join us as we explore what inhibits us from interrupting hate. Learn how to overcome those inhibitions and practice skills for becoming a strong ally for all those targeted in today’s hostile climate. using tools and methodologies proven over decades of use from the foundational text: Training Active Bystanders, we will learn how to build a culture of peace by engaging in active nonviolence.
There are currently a maximum of 15 more spaces available for the workshop. If you would like to attend please click here to fill out this form. We will email out additional details including the location of the workshop to those who get seats in the workshop. A waiting list will be created for those who fill out the form but do not get seats so that seats can be filled if people cancel.

Intercontinental Day of Action Against Free Trade and Neoliberalism
Here in Portland we will have a local component of the Intercontinental Day of Action Against Free Trade and Neoliberalism.  This is being marked with great fervor in South America, with Uruguay leading the organizing and promising to hold a symbolic general strike of possibly 100 thousand participants.
In Portland, we will celebrate this day (which is timed to celebrate the anniversary of the defeat of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, as well timed to the next rounds of talks of NAFTA renegotiation) by having a nighttime action of projecting anti-free-trade and pro-human-rights slogans on buildings, with the collaboration of the Portland group PEST.
Check our upcoming emails and the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign Facebook page for more information about how you can get involved in the Intercontinental Day of Action Against Free Trade and Neoliberalism!


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