From Portland to Missouri the JWJ network is mobilizing to support striking UAW International Union members!

Join JWJ as we mobilize to support the power of workers standing together against corporate power, withholding their labor for transformative contracts. It is a generational fight!

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UAW Local 492 in Beaverton – Stellantis – Portland Parts Depot (10030 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton) continue their 24/7 strike until the Big Three offer a fair deal.

Take a picket shift, organize a group picket, and let us know if you do! (Email!

Let’s get out there and support the workers fighting hard for the future of the working class!

The UAW’s transformative and unequivocal demands include: equal pay for equal work, full seniority status for temps after 90 days, defined benefit pensions for all workers, the restoration of cost-of-living adjustments, the future of electric vehicles being union-made, and for a fair share of the Big Three profits! A UAW win is a win for working people and the climate!

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