Pledge Solidarity with Strike-Ready UPS Teamsters!

Join the Oregon Strike-Ready Coalition! Rally & BBQ June 25th

Over 340,000 Teamsters at UPS are gearing up to fight for better pay and treatment on the job when their contract expires on July 31, 2023. And on Monday, June 5th, Teamsters across the country began taking a strike authorization vote! If the company doesn’t respond to their demands, they are preparing to take part in the largest strike in American history. The UPS contract is a standard setter. It’s always true that when workers win we all win and with UPS the effects will be felt nationwide!

Will you and your organization pledge Solidarity with the UPS Teamsters fighting for a strong contract and fair wages?

Sign-up here to join the picket line, circulate strike-ready pledge cards, attend a fundraiser, and/or bring food & supplies to the picket line!

Get in touch with Jamie at if your organization can invite the campaign to your members’ meeting to make a pitch and circulate pledge cards!

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