Athena Takes On Amazon in the Struggle for Economic Justice

Since its debut as an online retailer 10 years ago, Amazon has seeped its way into every aspect of our lives. From shopping to watching TV, from listening to music to calling the kids up from their rooms for dinner, Amazon is seemingly ever-present. But despite the many conveniences for Amazon customers, those who work in Amazon warehouses to make sure that our packages arrive the next day… or the same day, often have a different story to tell.

Amazon claims that they now pay their workers at least $15/hr. In fact here in Oregon they received $9.6 million in property tax exemptions at their Troutdale warehouse in exchange for an agreement to pay at least $15/hr, and that is in addition to other tax breaks they receive throughout the state. But don’t be fooled by fancy half-truths. Delivery drivers and Amazon warehouse workers often tell a different story when it comes to their wages. The problem is not just in Oregon of course. A recent report published by the Economic Roundtable shows that the average Amazon worker makes well less than $15/hr despite working for the company full time, and despite having a family to take care of. 

Amazon claims that it provides a safe and quality work environment for all of its hundreds of thousands employees. But back, shoulder, wrist, and other injuries at Amazon warehouses are extremely common. Many Amazon warehouses have a serious injury rate that is double the national average and that isn’t even the worst of it. At the Troutdale warehouse just outside of Portland, 26 out of every 100 those workers filed for workers comp in 2018. That is more than six times the national average! 

This clearly isn’t just a problem “out there.” As we can see it is a problem right here in the Portland area. Jamie Partridge–who is a retired postal worker, Portland JwJ board member, DSA member, and an organizer with the PDX Amazon Workers Solidarity Campaign–told The Oregonian that the PDX9 warehouse in Troutdale, Oregon “…like others, just has a high rate of repetitive motion and other types of injuries.”

The time has come for workers and the community to work together to confront Amazon and it’s exploitive business model. Workers around the world are already starting to fight back through strikes at Amazon warehouses. 

In addition to direct worker action internationally, a national coalition called Athena, which is comprised of dozens of organizations including but not limited to Jobs with Justice, Fight for the Future, and Partnership for Working Families has come together to take on Amazon from multiple, interconnected angles. From surveillance technology and Amazon’s collaboration with ICE and Customs and Border Protection agencies in breaking up and detaining families in concentration camps, to horrible working conditions with poverty wages and high injury rates, to its massive size and the obvious issues concerning monopoly and antitrust law–Athena is ready for a fight, and so is Portland Jobs with Justice. 

With the warrior spirit of Athena, we are coming together with the community and workers at the PDX Amazon Workers Solidarity Campaign to build pressure and make change here locally. Be sure to check in and stay tuned for updates and actions!

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