2018 Annual Report

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Page 1: Title Page
Portland Jobs with Justice Annual Report
General information: Main office phone: (503) 236-5573, website address: http://www.jwjpdx.org, mailing address: 1500 NE Irving St. #585, general email address: admin@jwjpdx.org

Page 2: Portland JWJ took action on four strategic priorities in 2018

Direct Action & Solidarity
Our Workers’ Rights Board brought critical community pressure on First Transit, which provides LIFT bus service for the elderly and people with disabilities, for labor and
human rights violations against bus drivers and riders.

We mobilized for new union campaigns at Providence, Cascadia Behavioral Health,
Outside In, and Burgerville where workers at three stores have won historic NLRB
elections and are poised to bargain the first contract for fast food workers in US history!

We supported contract campaigns with workers at Volunteers of America (VOA) and
Kaiser Permanente among many others. We organized Solidarity Squad Caravans to
provide picket line support for striking teachers with the Evergreen Education
Association. That strike lasted two weeks and ended successfully with big raises for
teachers and improved schools in southwest Washington.

Movement & Power Building
We continued to grow and engage our Faith Labor Committee in lifting a moral voice
against poverty and white supremacy.

We mobilized to counter misogynist and fascist rallies in our community.  Our Climate Jobs project was instrumental to the community organizing for the Portland Clean Energy Fund.  We also mobilized JwJ pledgers to help defeat the anti-immigrant Measure 105.
Together we ensured that Oregon remains a sanctuary state that is welcoming to

Relationship Building & Engagement
We are extremely proud to have led on organizing to host National Jobs with Justice’s
first intentionally recruited Person of Color (POC) Organizer Leadership training. We
look forward to continuing this program and investing in the leadership of POC
organizers in Portland!

Page 3: Strategic priorities continued, Executive Board and intern recognition

Bringing Forward New Forms of Worker Organizing
During 2018 we embarked on a year of conversations with our partners and allies about developing a retail sector worker center in Portland. We researched various worker
center models and shadowed staff at a worker center in San Francisco. We are poised to begin concerted outreach and organizing with retail workers in 2019.

Portland Jobs with Justice Executive Board Members

A.J. Mendoza  (Staff)        Justin Norton-Kertson  (Staff)
Alyssa Pagan                     Martin Hart-Landsberg
Amanda Hill                      Maureen Crawford
Beth Kerwin                      Pam Phan
Dave Cutler                       Robert Camarillo
Deborah Hall                    Russell Lum
Grant Swanson                 Shamus Cooke
Ibrahim Mubarak            Timothy Welp
Jamie Partridge                Will Layng  (Staff)
Joe Rastatter                      Zev Nicholson

And Special Thanks to Our 2018 Interns

Izzy Friedland                    Madeline Bisgyer

Page 4: 2018 Financials & Highlights

Portland Jobs with Justice Education Fund, 501(c)3 Expenses:
Personnel – 70.2%
Occupancy, Insurance, & Administration – 6.7%
Operations & Programs – 23.1%
Total Revenue for 2018: $163,372
Total Expenses for 2018: $177,155

Portland Jobs with Justice, 501(c)4 Expenses:
Personnel – 85.9%
Occupancy, Insurance, & Administration – 8.3%
Operations & Programs – 5.8%
Total Revenue for 2018: $52,017
Total Expenses for 2018: $65,050

Other 2018 Achievements:

  • 40+ new donors became monthly sustainers
  • 300+ people signed the JwJ Solidarity Pledge to show up for other people’s struggles at least five times per year
  • 3,400+ on our email list to receive the Solidarity Calendar
  • We reached over 7,000 Facebook followers with over 1,200 new likes in 2018
  • We increased our Twitter followers by 10%, reaching over 2,100 total followers
  • 700+ followers in our first year on Instagram


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