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“2021 saw high-profile strikes and contract battles that put unions in the public spotlight. And 2022 could potentially be more explosive. Workers are already sensing their increased leverage in a tight labor market. They’ll be feeling the squeeze of record inflation while their employers rake in profits. There’s every reason to hold the line against concessions, or to win back what they gave away before.” (DiMaggio, 12/20/21, “Who Might Strike in 2022? Hundreds of Big Contracts Will Be Up,” Labor Notes.)

Indeed, 2021 was a dynamic year of workers reclaiming their power. Who might strike in 2022? How about you? When does your contract expire? What are the big issues you expect to fight over in 2022? What’s your 2022 forecast? Got a tip? Let sarah@jwjpdx.org know! Request Support for your struggle, here!