Lilith Sinclair

Lilith Sinclair spent the majority of her childhood growing up in Baltimore, MD, before moving cross country with her family to finish high school in Puyallup, WA. Her life’s experiences have been characterized by near constant struggles to fit in to, understand, and then break free of oppressive systems and societal expectations put on her due to her existence as a queer, neurodivergent, bisexual, Afro-Indigenous black woman, in addition to her time spent as a sex worker. These experiences are what have helped her to establish a strong understanding that discussion of intersectionality and a commitment to centering the most marginalized are both vital in conversations of human rights and sociopolitical justice.

She considers herself a “lifelong bleeding heart,” and maintains that her involvement in activism has been a lifelong affair centered around engaging in what she calls, “small and large acts of radical love.” However, after becoming a sex worker during the winter of 2017, she saw herself further radicalized and financially empowered to begin supporting more traditional forms of activist organizing. She joined the Portland OccupyICE camp in 2018, supporting with organizing day to day operations, coordinating messaging, acting as a press liaison, and assisting with communications and coordination with the national Abolish/OccupyICE campaign for 7 weeks. After a year of traveling the country joining, supporting, and/or documenting front-line projects and grassroots campaigns, she returned to Portland in July 2019 with a focus on assisting and supporting the city in which she found empowerment and community. She comes to JWJ with a belief that empowering workers to organize for and WIN better working conditions will lead to happier and healthier communities, helping people find energy and hope to keep fighting for a more equitable and just global society.

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