Portland Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee


Medicare Birthday Celebration!

birthday-cakeMedicare is a hugely successful system that provides healthcare access for over 55 million Americans. It is also a government run single-payer system that provides an excellent model for how we can implement single payer, universal healthcare here in the United States.

Join us on Sunday July 30th to celebrate the birthday of Medicare and to build a movement for Medicare for All, there will be birthday cake!

Meet at North Park Blocks (corner of W Burnside and Park Ave) at 11am, march to Skidmore Fountain at 11:30.

There will be birthday cake!

Sponsored by Portland Jobs with Justice Healthcare Committee, Healthcare for All Oregon, and Main Street Alliance of Oregon.

Portland Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee


To promote health care as a human right at the local, national and state level. To defend union health plans and fight for fair, equitable and comprehensive health care, covering everyone and paid for with public funds.


We meet at 5:45pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the Portland Jobs with Justice office.



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