Executive Board

  1. Amanda Aguilar Shank, Enlace: Global Justice Chair
  2. Amanda Hill, OFNHP: Fundraising Chair
  3. Babatunde Azubuike, JwJ Campaign Organizer
  4. Beth Kerwin, Health Care Committee Chair
  5. Deborah Hall, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists: Outreach Chair
  6. D Pei Wu, JwJ Executive Director
  7. Eliana Machuca: Immigrant Rights Chair
  8. Grant Swanson, AFSCME Local 88 & Right 2 Dream Too: Co-Chair
  9. Ibrahim Bilal Mubarak, Right 2 Survive: Co-Chair
  10. Joe Rastatter, Faith Labor Chair
  11. Justin Norton-Kerston, JwJ Solidarity Organizer: Secretary
  12. Katrina Holland, Community Alliance of Tenants: Membership Chair
  13. Martin Hart-Landsberg: Portland Rising Chair
  14. Pam Phan, Community Alliance of Tenants: Finance Chair
  15. Robert Camarillo Ironworkers NW: Media Chair
  16. Romeo Sosa, Voz Worker Rights Education Project: Co-Chair
  17. Tiffany Thompson, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc: Co-Chair
  18. Chris Marquez, SEIU Local 503: Personnel Chair
  19. Zev Nicholson, AFSCME Council 75: Rules Chair