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Laurie King, PhD

Laurie King has been active with Portland Jobs with Justice since before it was incorporated as an organization, retired from a JwJ staff position in late 2006. Laurie has been instrumental in the formation of the Portland Rising working group of Portland Jobs with Justice.

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Romeo Sosa, VOZ Workers Rights Education Project

Romeo is an indigenous Mayan organizer born in Guatemala and the Executive Director of VOZ. Romeo has significant experience in grassroots organizing, leadership development, and strategic planning. He has worked as a rural researcher and indigenous rights organizer, developing Popular Education materials in Guatemala’s rural communities. He also worked as an advocate for displaced survivors of war at la Organizacion de Servicios de Solidaridad in Mexico and as Director of the St. Francis Church dining hall.

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Ibrahim Bilal Mubarak, Right to Survive / Right 2 Dream Too

Ibrahim Bilal Mubarak is a long-time Houseless Peoples’ rights activist. He co-founded both Dignity Village and Right 2 Survive in Portland, Oregon. Ibrahim currently holds the position of Chair on the Board of WRAP, the Western Regional Advocacy Project, Right 2 Dream, Too, and is Board Co-Chair of Portland Jobs with Justice.

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Grant Swanson, AFSCME Local 88

Grant Swanson grew up in Flint, Michigan, witnessing hard economic times and their effects on communities, families and individuals. 15 years ago he moved to Portland and worked as an environmental activist, community organizer, and at homeless youth shelters. For over a decade, Grant has worked at the Multnomah County Library while raising two children. He is a member and former chair of the Multnomah County Green Team, helped create the Library Environmental Team, and has been an active shop steward in his union, AFSCME Local 88, where he served as Vice President from Dec. 2009 to November 2011. Grant has been a member of Right 2 Survive since the summer of 2012, where he serves on the board as Treasurer.

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Dave Cutler, SEIU 49

Dave Cutler is SEIU Local 49’s Finance Director. He’s also served as the director of the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance and has an extensive background in nonprofit fundraising, finance and program management. Dave also serves on the City of Portland’s Socially Responsible Investments Committee.

Joel Spector

Joel is working on creating metaculture, and has been active with numerous Portland nonprofits since moving here in 2012.  Earlier, he had worked as an IT program manager on Wall Street while earning the nickname ‘Polydad’ by being the primary parent-on-duty for a successful and burgeoning polyamorous family.

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Fernando Gapasin, PhD, UAW (retired)

Fernando Gapasin has been a labor movement activist for over 50 years. He has served in every capacity in 13 different unions and 3 Central Labor Councils. He is a Labor Educator, author and former professor of Industrial Relations and Chicana/o Studies at Penn State and UCLA.

Global JusticeNew Picture (6)
Allen Hines, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee

Allen is a journalist whose work has appeared in several newspapers and magazines, as well as NPR affiliate WKSU. He is a member of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee. He has also worked with veterans’ rights and antiwar groups for five years. Oh yeah – he was born with cerebral palsy.

Faith Labor CommitteeNew Picture (7)
Violeta Rubiani, Northwest Workers Justice Project

Violeta works as Program Administrator for the Northwest Workers’ Justice Project. Since moving to Oregon 15 years ago, she’s worked in the private, public and nonprofit sectors removing financial barriers, promoting social and economic justice, and providing access to opportunity for people of color and immigrant communities. Violeta was born and raised in Asuncion, Paraguay. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Oregon, and has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Portland State University.

Health Care Committee & Acting Rules CommitteeNew Picture (8)
Chris Lowe, PhD

Chris Lowe has worked as a professor of African and African American history, as a professional editor, and as a researcher for non-profits and trade unions.  He conducted Ph.D. research in the 1980s and 1990s in Swaziland in southern Africa on Swazi politics in the colonial era. Organizing focuses have included the anti-apartheid movement, the Labor Party, anti-war organizing, and advocacy for public health and for universal publicly funded health care. Chris is active with Health Care for All Oregon, and serves on the board of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, in addition to his JwJ work.

Immigrant Rights Committee & Acting SecretaryNew Picture (9)
Peter Parks

Peter Parks is a retired Longshore Worker (ILWU Local 8), having also been a member of International Association of Machinists Local 1005.  A volunteer with Jobs with Justice for many years, he also is active with VOZ.  Peter is an amateur photographer and videographer.  He is the chair of the Immigrant Rights Committee of JwJ and also acting secretary for JwJ. Married to May Wallace for 38 years, he has two children and a dog.

Portland RisingNew Picture (10)
Martin Hart-Landsberg, PhD

Martin Hart-Landsberg is Professor of Economics at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon and Adjunct Professor in the Labor Studies Program at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada.  His areas of teaching and research include political economy, international economics, and the political economy of East Asia. He is the author of six books and numerous articles on issues related to globalization and third world development.  He is chair of Portland Rising, a committee of Portland Jobs with Justice, and a member of the Portland Workers’ Rights Board.

OutreachNew Picture (11)
Amanda Hill, OFNHP-AFT

Amanda Hill has been an optician with Kaiser for 15 years, and has been active with OFNHP in many capacities. Amanda is on the Boards of Portland Jobs with Justice, Oregon Federation of Nurses and Healthcare Professionals – American Federation of Teachers Local 5017, and on the Steering Committee of $15NOW PDX. She is an active volunteer in many social justice issues around town.

MediaNew Picture (12)
Justin Norton-Kertson

Justin Norton-Kertson is a former economics and civics teacher who is well known in the Portland area as a spokesperson and the lead organizer for 15 Now PDX and 15 Now Oregon. As the Media Chair for Portland Jobs with Justice, he looks forward to bringing his organizing and communications skills to help the organization and the Portland Campaign for $15 be creative, effective, and successful.

PersonnelNew Picture (13)
Will Layng, SEIU 49

Will has been an organizer with SEIU Local 49 for 11 years, currently focused on organizing hundreds of low wage airline subcontracted workers at PDX airport.  Will is fluent in Spanish and he also plays guitar and sings in a rock and roll band, Will Layng & The Ribs.  He is the Personnel Committee chairperson for Portland Jobs With Justice.