DSC_4436The United States is a nation whose history has been greatly shaped by immigrants; from the Irish and Italian Americans who flocked to Ellis Island in the mid-1800’s looking for a piece of the American dream; to the Chinese Americans of the late-1800’s who built the railways the created America’s infrastructure; to the Hispanic Americans migrating to the United States today due to economic situations created by American trade policy.  Historically, these immigrant groups have faced a great deal of racism and hostility, and today’s immigrants are no exception.  Immigrant workers currently face numerous challenges.

In Portland, Jobs with Justice works to fight for the rights of all workers regardless of legal status through uniting immigrant rights groups and the At the May Day Immigrant Rights Marchlabor movement.  Some of the immigrant rights organizations that Jobs with Justice partners with in the struggle for immigrant rights are  Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project , PCUN Oregon’s Farmworker Union, Justice for Janitors , United Farm Workers , and PCASC .