How do I get involved?

What is this campaign?

Through this campaign, we will win access to a $15 minimum wage for 30,000 workers in Portland over the next 2 years! We will do this by uniting and coordinating unions, workers organizations, faith institutions, and community organizations through contract campaigns, new organizing, and voluntary commitments. The Portland Campaign for $15 is building a cross sector movement for economic justice that includes the leadership of unions, queer and trans people of color, houseless people, immigrant workers, small businesses, and the progressive faith community.

Portland Area Campaign for $15 documents

The Portland Campaign for $15 is working to unite and coordinate unions, worker organizations, faith institutions and community organizations as we raise the minimum wage for 30,000 working people and their families in the Portland area over the next 2 years. Join us!

If you want to get involved as an interested individual fill out the Individual Commitment Form or download it to turn it in at the office

You can choose to do the following things:

  • sign up to hear about events
  • write letters to the editor
  • contribute your time or money

If you want to get your union, community organization, or faith institution involved get started with the appropriate form

You can choose to do the following things:

  • endorsing the campaign
  • voluntarily committing to pay your employees $15/hour or coming out publicly stating that you already do so
  • joining our coalition
  • mobilizing for events, and/or
  • participating in the speakers bureau

Call 503-236-5573 or email