How JwJ works
Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor organizations and community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society. There are 40 Jobs with Justice chapters nationwide. JwJ mobilizes support for labor and community struggles at rallies, on picket lines, in educational settings and at meetings and hearings. The basic building block of JwJ is a pledge that people sign to turn out to support other people’s struggles at least five times a year.

JwJ is governed by a Steering Committee composed its officers, committee chairs, staff, representatives of each member organization and seven at-large members elected bi-ennually. The Steering Committee meets each month and makes decisions about what actions to support. Pledgers are mobilized through mailings and a phone tree. An Executive Committee made up of officers and committee chairs meets between Steering Committee meetings. These meetings are open to everyone, and all Steering Committee members may vote. When necessary a leadership group made up of staff and officers makes decisions.

How organizations can seek support from JwJ
Organizations seeking support from JwJ are asked to make a request for action a week before the Steering Committee meeting. Requests should indicate what level of support is needed (endorsement, mobilization of most active members, full phone tree mobilization etc.). Decisions on which actions to support are made based on criteria including: impact of JwJ’s support on the campaign, impact on building JwJ and local coalitions, level of rank and file participation and leadership, and how the action fits into JwJ’s organizational priorities and capacity.