COVID-19 Organizing Response

Organizing with Food Service Workers in this Time of Crisis

FoodService_EnglishCalling all Portland Food Service Workers!

We know food service workers are already experiencing huge stress because of shop closures and illness concerns! We are ramping up outreach efforts because we know folks need support, especially while social distancing.

We want to know what you need! Rent freeze? Paid family care/leave? What else?

Text “Community” to 503-782-6265 to get connected to these efforts!

FoodService_Spanish¡Atención A Todos Los Trabajadores Del Servicio De Alimento En Portland!

¡Sabemos que los trabajadores del servicio de alimentos ya están sintiendo un gran estrés debido al cierre de tiendas y preocupaciones por enfermedades! Estamos aumentando alcanzar porque sabemos que la gente necesita apoyo, especialmente al distanciarse socialmente.

¡Queremos saber lo que necesitan! ¿Suspender los pagos de renta? ¿Permiso familiar/cuidado pagado? ¿Qué más necesitan?

¡Envie “Comunidad” al 503-782-6265 para conectarse a estas acciones!

PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid Network

Do you need support? Are you immuno-compromised or have other needs and help finding and getting supplies? All we have is each other, and only we can save each other. The PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid Network is a collective of organizations connecting impacted community members with support. If you need support, Request support here.


Information on The Stimulus Package

Click Here to view a power point presentation with relevant information on the stimulus package that was recently pass by congress.

Haga clic aquí para ever el powerpoint del Paquete de Estímulo Por el Coronavirus en Español.

Action You Can Take Right Now!

Supporting the most vulnerable in our community

Policy Actions and Petitions

Other JwJ Efforts During This Crisis

In these extraordinary times, you have likely felt a range of emotions as COVID-19 continues to have a sweeping impact on daily life and upend the life of work as we know it. Among the crises that Jobs with Justice strives to collectively confront, COVID-19 emerges as yet another. Portland Jobs with Justice is committed to nimbly organizing in this moment creatively and by safer means while raising our collective voices for structural change. We express unwavering solidarity with workers who labor at the front lines of the crisis, who work in vital life-supporting capacities. We will continue to raise our moral voice for food service workers who have suddenly lost income but not utility payments, for grocery workers who tirelessly provide vital needs, for hospital workers who labor with inadequate supplies, and we seek to uplift the conditions for the most marginalized among us. We see you. Jobs with Justice, your community labor organization, is here for you.

We have taken preventative measures to protect our at-risk community members. Last week we closed our office until further notice. Our in-person committees have moved to teleconference or video conference platforms, and large in-person coalition events have been canceled or postponed.

We have taken action demanding state and local elected officials use their power and resources to provide immediate relief to working people in crisis. We also call on state and local leadership to advocate that the federal government enact the following:
  • Emergency Rent assistance
  • Emergency Food assistance
  • Utility Bill Assistance
  • Additional Paid Sick Leave
  • Unemployment benefits and extended benefits
  • Testing and treatment fully available and free irrespective of health care coverage
  • Safe transit for transit-dependent people.
  • Emergency state action to prevent evictions and stringent rent control through the term of the epidemic
  • Moratorium on immigration enforcement and a shutdown of immigration facilities

In the interest of building networks that support workers and sharing resources, here are some other useful links below:

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