2020-2021 Strategic Priorities

Direct Action and Solidarity! Engage our community in strategic solidarity in all its forms, including direct action, intersectional campaign building, intentional community building, and radical connection and support for the most marginalized. 

Movement and Power Building! Align a membership that builds our coalition as a moral voice for our community which is against poverty, white supremacy, and environmental racism and in support of a just transition for potentially impacted people as we build a better world. 

Relationship Building and Engagement! Engage our network to develop and implement initiatives to effectively address issues of equity and inclusion in our community and our organization.

Bringing Forward New Forms of Worker Organizing! We will lift up worker centers and other forms of non-traditional worker organizing with leadership from marginalized communities from our coalition and within Jobs With Justice. 

How will we accomplish these priorities? 

Direct Action and Solidarity

  • Our alliances come from a shared vision for community-driven accountability and collaborative efforts that center the most marginalized communities addressing classism, ableism, racism, and lifting up workers’ rights.

Movement and Power Building

  • JwJ’s strongest relationships will lie in a base of workers devoted to centering the voices of the most marginalized, including queer and transgender communities, and people of color— especially black and indigenous peoples. 
  • JWJ will hold a strong relationship of solidarity with sex workers’ rights movements and the most marginalized groups within it.

Relationship Building and Engagement

  • We will build capacity to win campaigns rooted in issues surfaced by communities of color and ensure our practices are shaped by the needs of communities most impacted by white supremacy and injustice.  
  • JwJ will support the full participation of people whose primary language is not English.

Bringing Forward New Forms of Worker Organizing 

  • We will work to bring Portland restaurant workers together to improve working conditions
  • We will create a committee in JwJ to develop and lift up worker leadership, build connections to natural allies, and fight for community centered food chain justice.
  • We will participate in efforts that bring together workers to form new types of worker organization, including worker centers and other non-traditional worker organizing.