2019 Scrooge of the Year Award Party

ThE 2019 Scrooge of the Year Award winner is…..


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Online ticket sales are closed. You can still purchase admission tickets and extra votes tonight at the award party. Admission is $20 at the door and comes with 20 free votes.

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Every holiday season Portland Jobs with Justice comes together to celebrate our community, and to vote for the winner of the not-so-coveted annual Scrooge of the Year Award.

This award is voted on by the community (that’s you!) and is given each year to a bad boss, a politician, a corporation, or some other deserving institution that has been particularly nasty in the past year.

Of course, we think it’s important that the voting process for this award is true to our American democratic system. That’s right – this election is for sale! You can purchase as many votes as you want for as many different candidates as you want to let your voice be heard in deciding the worst #badboss in town.

2019 Scrooge of the Year Award Party
Saturday December 14, 2019
6:00 – 9:00 pm
at the SEIU Local 49 union hall
(3536 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202)

Admission tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Admission tickets come with 20 free votes and can be purchased online or in person at the JwJ office beginning on November 4th at 6pm when the nominees are announced. Additional votes will also be available to buy online or at the party for $1 per vote.

The Scrooge of the Year Award Party is a potluck. After you get your ticket to the award party, click here to sign up for the potluck.

In alphabetical order, the 2019 Scrooge of the Year Award Nominees are…

Burgerville – Despite workers having won a union at four Portland-area Burgerville stores, and despite a public relations campaign full of lip service to being compassionate and caring about workers, Burgerville has  engaged in over a year and half of union busting, firing union leaders, and blatantly bad faith bargaining.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon – Bezos is the biggest, baddest billionaire… the richest person on the planet… exploiting close to a million workers worldwide in sweatshop conditions, and contracting with ICE and the Department of Defense to cage and deport migrants while perpetuating endless wars against brown people in thirteen countries.

Koch Industries – In addition to being owned by the billionaire extremist right wingers who fund a nationwide anti-worker and anti-social justice class war agenda, they have forced boat workers to work for up to 60 days in a row without a day off, as was highlighted in a new book called Kochland. A recent Time Magazine article also highlighted increasing worker injuries and deaths among boat workers in Koch owned companies. In Portland they recently increased automation on boats that has eliminated a number of local area jobs.

Mike Nearman, Oregon State Director of the Freedom Foundation – Mike Nearman is one of the most extreme, right wing politicians in Oregon. He has been a leading voice of the anti-immigrant movement including a leader of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, an SPLC designated anti-LGBTQ hate group. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more despicable, he recently took the lead of the anti-worker Freedom Foundation in Oregon which has spent more than 20 million dollars over the last five years trying and failing to destroy unions in the Northwest. If he wasn’t such a terrible human that regurgitates dangerous rhetoric targeting the LGBTQ community, the immigrant community and union members he would be laughable… because all he does is fail to deliver on his extreme right wing vision for Oregon. However, his ineptitude doesn’t preclude him from this nefarious nomination.

OHSU Management Bargaining Team – The OHSU management bargaining did not just engage in bad faith bargaining. The management bargaining team went so far as to create fake Twitter accounts to troll the union and spread false information about dues, as was documented and reported on by Willamette Week. OHSU’s strategic financial consultant was removed from the bargaining team over the issue, and the disgraced OHSU Vice President of Human Resources, Dan Forbes, resigned over the scandal.

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