2018 Scrooge of the Year

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*Pre-sale admission ticket sales end on 12/8 at 12pm. Online voting ends on 12/8 at 6pm.

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Every holiday season Portland Jobs with Justice comes together to celebrate our community, and to vote for the winner of the not-so-coveted annual Scrooge of the Year Award.

This award is voted on by the community (that’s you!) and is given each year to a bad boss, a politician, a corporation, or some other deserving institution that has been particularly nasty in the past year.

We here at Portland Jobs with Justice think it’s important that the voting process for this award is true to our American democratic system. That’s right – this election is for sale! You may purchase as many votes as you wish for as many different candidates as you wish to let your voice be heard in deciding the worst #badboss in town.

This is year party is on Saturday December 8th from 6-9pm at the SEIU Local 49 ballroom (3536 SE 26th Ave. PDX).

Admission tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Admission tickets come with 20 free votes. Additional votes can be bought online or at the party for $1 per vote. You can buy as many votes for as many different nominees as you’d like.

Click Here to get your admission tickets with 20 free votes, and to buy additional votes online! 

The Scrooge of the Year Award Party is a potluck.
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The 2018 Scrooge of the Year Award nominees are:

1) Daimler Trucks of North America – Locally subcontracts non-union janitorial and security services. Workers have spoken out about low wages, lack of affordable medical insurance, denial of earned sick time, and other issues for over a year. Daimler has refused to meet with janitors who are trying to form a union.

2) First Transit – One of the largest private transportation corporations in the world, contracted by TriMet to provide paratransit (LIFT) services. Puts profit before people by paying poverty wages, poor benefits, denying workers restroom and meal breaks, cutting corners on worker and vehicle safety, and providing overall poor service to vulnerable elders and riders with disabilities who have few transportation alternatives.

3) Freedom Foundation – An organization that is attacking workers pensions and efforts to raise minimum wages, and is part of a national network of extremist organizations that includes white supremacists, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ anti-women and anti-immigrant organizations.

4) MultiFamily NW – This notorious landlord lobby group uses fear-based tactics against the movement for renters’ rights, and has been the leader in the fight against renters’ rights here in the State of Oregon.

5) Oregonians for Immigration Reform – Oregon’s most prominent anti-immigrant hate group. OFIR, its leadership have longstanding ties to hate groups and a history of making racist statements. OFIR was instrumental in defeating Measure 88 in 2014, and they were behind the failed attempt in 2018 to end Oregon’s sanctuary state law.

6) Phil Knight – The founder of Nike and Oregon local, Phil Knight got rich by exploiting sweat shop slave labor in countries from Vietnam and China to Mexico and South America. Now during this 2018 election season he and thankfully failed to buy Oregon a Republican governor by donating millions of dollars to the GOP candidate.