What is the Portland Area Campaign for $15?

Why is it important?

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For nearly two years, Portland Jobs with Justice (JwJ) and Portland Rising (a committee within JwJ) have supported the bold and visionary goal to raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Economists identify $13.83 per hour as a low-wage job, but if wages had kept pace with the increased levels of production in the U.S., then the minimum wage would be $21.13 per hour. Low-wage jobs are not only characterized by low pay. They also feature a lack of job security, high turnover, little or no healthcare (of jobs paying $13.83 per hour, 54% had no healthcare), sick leave or other benefits, and irregular or part-time work scheduling.

Knowing that we can’t just wait for the electoral or legislative processes, Portland Jobs with Justice is coordinating and anchoring the Portland-based Campaign for $15. Through this campaign, we will win access to a $15 minimum wage for 30,000 workers in Portland by 2017! We are doing this by uniting and coordinating unions, workers organizations, small businesses, faith institutions, and community organizations through contract campaigns, new organizing, and voluntary commitments.

The Portland Campaign for $15 is a cross-sector movement for economic justice that includes the leadership of unions, queer and trans people of color, houseless people, immigrant workers, small businesses, and the progressive faith community.

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Email: campaignfor15@jwjpdx.org

Who are we?

The Portland Area Campaign for $15 is anchored by Portland Jobs with Justice, and includes $15 NOW PDX, SEIU 49, Working America, AFSCME, VOZ, AFT, Laborers 483, SEIU 503, IWW, and OSEA. Many other unions, community organizations, and faith institutions support this initiative.